Thursday, October 4, 2012

Interior Design Software

Interior design software is a fascinating piece of technology that is revolutionizing the interior design and construction sales industry. Interior design software allows the salesman in most cases to lay out and convey the customers needs and wants when it comes to interior design renovations, to the contractor or handyman that will physically perform the construction on any given project. Interior design software has developed in the last few years into quite a tool for the average construction salesman. The ease with which interior design can sell itself to a potential customer is unbelievable.
First of all, you can not only dream about the way you want a kitchen to look for instance, a construction salesman or interior designer can sit down with you, find out what kind of counter you want, how many cabinets you want, find out if you want a double bowl under-mounted sink, then they can begin to design the kitchen right before your very eyes, as you sit in your old rundown kitchen watching. Very good interior design software can take this further, much further. You can input measurements from your existing kitchen to get the new design exact in size, every detail replicated right down to scale. Then, as you see and help design the build of your new kitchen, after you pick out appliances and so forth, you get to the next, perhaps best feature in some software. You begin to pick out colors for the new kitchen; you get to pick out countertop design for your new kitchen. Are you sick of enamel countertops that chip away? How about a nice Corean? After youâ've picked all this out, spending a couple of hours designing, building, and choosing the colors for your redesigned room, the customer often gets to the best part of the evening. In some cases you can do a virtual walkthrough.
That's right, you can take a three dimensional walk through your dream kitchen and see what it's like before it gets built so that you can make any changes before it's too late. That's the beauty of interior design software, it allows you to find flaws in your design before one single penny has been spent, or one part of your house has been demolished to make way for your new project. The best thing about the software is the ability for the project coordinator, master carpenter, or contractor to have an actual picture of what it is that the customer wants before he begins designing and purchasing material. There is far less room for human error because there is far less ambiguity between the person that is purchasing the addition or renovation and the person that is building it. In the end interior design software helps the efficiency of any construction project. It cuts down on costs and mistakes; it enhances the experience for the customer, and it makes for less mistakes and miscommunications in the process from beginning to end. That is exactly what good technology is supposed to do, improve on the process.


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