Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mobile Phone Spy Software: Technology Vs Infidelity

What does Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods have in common? They were both unfaithful and they were both caught. The first one was impeached and the second one lost contracts. Both of them got the unfaithfulness stigma attached to them for the rest of their careers, especially Clinton, who will never live down the jokes about his promiscuity.
Unfortunately, they are rather the exception than the rule. They both were caught in their infidelity because they are very public figures who are followed around by a horde of photographers and cameras. Their lives were also investigated to the last detail by an army or reporters and journalists. Most cheaters, however, don't have dozens of photographers and reporters trying to see if they catch him red-handed.
In fact, the average cheater has plenty of opportunities and excuses to cheat. From business trips, to classes, to dinners with clients and lunches with friends, the cheater really has to be overconfident and sloppy to get caught.
Fortunately, technology is now available that makes it easier than ever to catch a cheater. And it comes at a price that is very reasonable, specially compared with the options.
Mobile phone spy software is exactly what it sounds like: a piece of software that allows you to get information about a mobile phone. This information proves without a doubt whether there is infidelity in your marriage or not.
One of the main features of mobile spy software is that it records on an online log all the phone calls that the phone makes or receives. Does your husband quickly end a call when you arrive? Does your girlfriend receive a call every Tuesday at 9:00 PM. Mobile phone spy software lets you know what number they called. And if they assigned a name to that number, you get to see it too. Do you know how often is that number contacted? You can see it in the mobile phone spy software's log, including the time and duration of each call.
Another useful feature of mobile phone spy software is location tracking. You can now log to the seller's website from any computer and see on Google Maps where exactly the phone is in your town or city. In a sense, it turns your spouse's mobile phone into a tracking device. Now you can know if your husband is really at work or if your girlfriend is really at the gym.
And of course, mobile phone spy software costs much less than a private detective, and unlike a private detective, mobile phone spy software can't be bribed.


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