Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why the Satellite TV for PC Software Might Be Right for You

Are you sick of battling your spouse for the t.v. remote control? Are you missing the big game because of blackouts by your service provider? Do you think the monthly fees by satellite providers are ridiculous? Then you and I seem to have a lot in common. It's because of these concerns that satellite technology via the PC really caught my attention. And upon my purchase, I was overwhelmed with all the entertainment and features at my fingertips. This product is definitely a quality buy.
The balance of power shifts easily in a remote controlled household. A quick pit stop in the bathroom during halftime can have dire consequences. You return only to find that your spouse has decided reruns of American Idol are far more exciting than a playoff football game. Conversely, have you had your American Idol reruns interrupted by the game? Or have to fight your kids to end the all day Dora the Explorer marathon. Sound familiar? It happens to all of us (in most cases far too often). So imagine getting an extra television out of that 24" LCD computer monitor we all can't seem to resist. That's where my journey began. I was tired of fighting with my wife and kids about what we were going to watch on TV, since none of us can seem to agree. Plus I had just bought a brand new LG 24" LCD monitor with a 5000 ms response time, and was just itching to put it to good use. That's when I came across the satellite TV software for your PC.
As soon as I had read about this technology, I was interested. I had to have it. And virtually instantaneously I did. I couldn't believe the amount of features built in. Instant access to over 2800 channels, including premium movie and music channels. Sporting events that either weren't carried by any local stations, or were blacked out by my provider. I live in the Seattle area, and I love the Seahawks, but sometimes there's other games I'd love to watch at the same time as a 'Hawks game. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with 5 different networks all airing the same game. And as much as I love football, I find the rates of the the NFL Network ridiculously overpriced. With this software, I can watch any game I want.
If movies are your thing, then theres plenty being offered here as well. Theres a multitude of premium movie channels for film buffs and occasional viewers alike. Theres everything from classic movies to recently released blockbusters.
Although it may be difficult at times to choose which of the thousands of channels you want to watch, I'd say thats a nice problem to have. The never ending choices of programs from all around the world, the ability to watch virtually any sporting event taking place and the ease of use make this an excellent program all around. I would highly recommend this to everyone. In fact, I already have!


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